It’s been called The Billion Dollar Sandbar, The Sun and Fun Capitol of the World and America’s Winter Playground but Miami writer Joan Biondi calls Miami Beach A Sandbox Full of Paradox which is my favorite because it acknowledges that it is much more than just a sunny playground. In the 1920s millionaires came to Miami Beach to build winter homes and play polo. In the 1930s it became home to the largest collection of art deco buildings in the world. Thousands of elderly Jews retired to the Beach in the 1950s, the tourists moved away and the neighborhood began to crumble. Preservationists rescued the architecture and in the 1980s fashion photographers and movie stars made South Beach chic. Today it’s a 24 hour city that embraces the entire spectrum of humanity from wealthy to homeless, youthful to elderly, and every gender known to man, including some that have not even been positively identified. Walk along the broad sandy beach, peek into boutique hotels on Ocean Drive, enjoy Lincoln Road’s luxurious, unperturbed ambience and learn why this multifarious mixture of geography, fantasy, diversity, and trend is not just another day at the beach.