Somewhere between the magical reality promised in the travel poster and the sober analysis of the history book, lies the Miami story most tourists really want to know. Miami is a city of contrasts and complexity that cannot be effectively described with facts alone or simplistic clichés without context. Guidebooks do an excellent job of describing the buildings and attractions but Miami can be a bewildering mixture of cultural diversity, outlandish behavior and sunburned sensuality that defies easy explanation.

Private Tours Miami is a tour guide service. We produce and conduct private tours that can be customized to suit your specific interests. We’re committed to presenting well researched tours that entertain and enlighten. Private Tours Miami was established to bridge the gap between sightseeing tours and academic tours for the culturally curious.

So instead of walking around with your nose in a guidebook, enjoy an insider’s look that not only names, names but provides perspective. Consider it foreplay to your own exploration or just a very entertaining way to see Miami but we guarantee that your time spent with us will change the way you see the city and add a whole new dimension to your experience.

Behind every building, street, stretch of shoreline and work of art is a fascinating story waiting to be told. If you take only one tour of Miami, make it this one.