I Took a Walk Down By the Sea

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Eruv refers to an imaginary boundary determined by a Rabbi that allows adherent Jews within a community to extend the boundary of their homes and thereby circumvent a commandment in the Bible that prohibits them from carrying anything beyond their property line on the Sabbath.  Without Eruv they wouldn’t be able to carry a baby, […]

Bones of Key West

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A student of mine returned from Key West this summer to report that it was so boring he couldn’t understand why anyone would ever want to go there.  He was 17 and French so I dismissed him as possibly a bit too young and blasé to appreciate its charm but when two older, well traveled […]

An Everglades Christmas

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As a child I was disturbed by images of Santa Claus on a beach. I was not amused by Santa in sunglasses sitting under a palm tree, out of uniform, with a cold drink in his hand. My secular liturgy required Christmas to be winter white with sleigh bells somewhere in the snow, Jack Frost […]

Little Havana

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Julia Tuttle, who convinced Henry Flagler to extend his railroad to Miami in 1896, believed that Miami would one day be a great city for international trade. It’s hard to imagine she could have envisioned the path it would ultimately follow but she clearly realized Miami’s potential. Miami’s metamorphosis from parochial tourist town to international […]

Polly Lux de Hirsch Meyer

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The sun moved above the horizon, a small group of ibis poked around in the wet grass and green parrots chirped in the coconut palms overhead. Homeless residents of the park worked hard to sleep for a just few more minutes while Nikes tapped past their heads on early morning jogs. Cafes on Ocean Drive […]

A Stroll Along the Miami River

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In some ways Miami is beginning to mature as a city for the very first time. Gone is the narrow parochial image of a southern city at the end of the world where they raise alligators and oranges, and where old people go to retire. Miami’s new image is energetic and sophisticated, with a blend […]