On the Anhinga Trail

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“Out on the Anhinga Trail the only sounds you hear are the wind riffling through the sawgrass and the splash of fish feeding on insects and one another and the great long-necked anhingas diving or emerging from the mahogany waters of a sluggish seaward moving slough. You hear a hundred frogs cheeping and croaking and the sweet wet whistle of a red winged blackbird. A primeval six-foot long alligator passes silently through the deep slough to the opposite side, coasts to a stop in the shallows, and lurks, a corrugated log with eyes.  An anhinga rises from the water and flies like a pterodactyl to a cluster of nearby mangrove roots and cumbrously spreads and turns its enormous wings like glistening black kites silhouetted against the noontime sun.  It’s mid-May, yes– but what century?”

Russell Banks on Everglades National Park, Florida

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