As a travel writer who traverses the globe in search of the authentic, who seeks out individuals who can tell it like it is, who loves nothing better than to get the inside story, I was told Kevin Doran’s tours were the definitive way to get the real story about Miami. I was not disappointed. We explored South Beach and Little Havana and I learned not only how Miami was settled, who the players were and why the city developed as it did but I also began to understand the place like a local, learned all the fascinating gossip, found out the best places to eat, drink and shop and came away feeling like I’d just been shown around by a dear friend. What more could a visitor want.
Sue Henly, Freelance Travel Writer,
"I took a South Beach Art Deco Walking Tour with Kevin in May of 2012 and had a great time. It was fun and informative. Kevin's knowledge of Art Deco architecture is extensive. He also provides an entertaining and colorful narrative. Additionally, he put into context the history of Miami and how South Beach has developed, as well as new changes shaping the future. If you have a chance to take one of these walking tours, do it, you will have a blast."
Frank McGowan, MBA, Superintendent of Business Services, Asheville Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Dept.,
Thank you for the awesome tour of Little Havana and Miami. I learned so much and was extremely entertained by your knowledge, stories and wisdom. I have been to Miami about 50 times but I feel as if I saw it for the first time because it was through your experienced and professional eyes. Best regards,
Holly Stiel, Thank You Very Much, Inc., Teaching the Art of Customer Service,
My organization has worked with Kevin countless times over the last six years. He is our go-to guide if we want to provide any of our international visitors with a better understanding of the “real” Miami. He always provides culturally diverse and informative tours to the distinguished professionals we hosts at the request of the U.S. Department of State. He is personable, flexible, and makes sure every tour is specific to the needs and interests of the group in question.

Many of the visitors have never been to the U.S. before, and having an opportunity to take a tour of Miami is an invaluable part of their cultural experience. Kevin does a wonderful job at sharing his insight and leaves our international guests with a great and lasting impression. Visitors who take Kevin’s tour have a chance to experience the city from all aspects and, after just a few hours, have a much better sense of how multi-faceted it is – very different from the “Miami Vice” image some visitors still think of before they get here.

Ayesha Quirke, Program Director, Miami Council for International Visitors,
Kevin Doran led our group of a dozen Midwestern architecture students on a fascinating tour of Miami and Coral Gables. He combined his extensive expertise in Miami’s architecture and urban planning with the graciousness of a host welcoming us to his community. He took great care to customize our tour to meet our needs, yet showed us the unexpected “behind-the-scenes” aspects of the city too. His attention to detail was remarkable, including welcoming touches like the door-to-door service that made our tour as comfortable and convenient as it was inspiring and educational.

We especially enjoyed Kevin’s vivid stories about the people that made Miami the architectural treasure it is today. He inspired us with his insights about the many cultures that shaped and continue to shape the region, and impressed on us the importance of preserving significant buildings as a record of culture and community. The next time I bring a tour group to Miami, my first call will be to Kevin Doran.

George Elvin, PhD, LEED AP, Professor, Department of Architecture, Ball State University,
Professional Tours Miami created a tour around downtown Miami for professional urban planners as part of APA’s National Conference. Kevin Doran’s extensive knowledge of natural, cultural, political, and architectural features and events and his ability to weave important facts into stories enabled participants to enjoy learning about events and places significant to this region and the rest of the world.
Kim Ogren, American Planners Association, National Conference, Miami 2008,
April this year we spent a beautiful week in Miami. We usually prepare ourselves with, as much as possible information about the places we are going to visit, but nevertheless we find it best to take a tour with a local guide. As we have a lot of various interests, ranging from history, fine arts, architecture, we are quite critical even unsatisfied on the way and substance of the information that is sometimes given by the guides. I am even more critical as I have learned about archaeology by working as a tour guide in Europe.

Kevin’s tour through Miami and surroundings was wonderful experience which fulfilled all our expectations. Kevin is not only very pleasant person per se, but is extremely knowledgeable and full of interesting information, which he, with splendid ease, combines with today’s life, history, places and events. The time was flying thanks to Kevin’s interesting guiding and his information parallels with European guides about architecture, history, life and living in Miami. Our three hour booked tour passed so quickly that we decided to make it longer. It remains as a memorable day in US.

Kresimir Falak, Zadar, Croatia,
I visited Miami as part of a group of 30 senior managers from a leading financial institution in South Africa. I was referred to Kevin from another business contact in Miami. As part of our leadership programme, we were offered the opportunity to undertake a developmental trip abroad which included experiencing different cultures and ways of life and to broaden our thinking by understanding other world views.

Kevin was wonderful from start to finish. I never met him before and our communication and booking took place over email. The tour itself was customised to include the sights that fitted in with our leadership themes of sustainability. His passion for Miami came through very strongly and he was able to manage a very large group with humour and was highly engaging. Everyone on the trip has a wonderful memory of our tour in Miami as Kevin shared so much of Miami with us. He educated us on the history and culture of Miami and the Everglades including people, real estate development and water issues. Our tour included an adventurous trip on the Everglades (airboat and alligator farm), having Cuban coffee, a visit to the Marlins stadium which was built according to LEEDS Green Building standards, lunch at the Bayside Market, tour of the City, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. We also saw certain neighbourhoods on foot like the Art Deco Beach District, Little Havana and Lincoln Road. We have some beautiful photographs of Miami and our trip was memorable. If I had to compare our experiences across the cities – Miami stands out only because of Kevin Doran sharing his insights on his beautiful Miami. He is a valued treasure to Miami Tourism because the tour was not just a job for him – it is his passion and therefore your trip as a visitor is so much more meaningful. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Miami and hope to return with my family some time. I will definitely recommend Kevin Doran to anyone including individuals and large tour groups.

Miranda Naidoo CA(SA) | Head of Finance: Retail Segments Absa Retail & Business Banking, Johannesburg, South Africa 2001,
Kevin is a wonderful guy I met in Miami. Through his walking tour, I really learn a lot, he's so knowledgeable about the history and culture of Miami area. But the most important thing is I can feel his passion for sharing Miami.
Andrew Leung, Radio Television Hong Kong, Travel program host,